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Jürgen Große (*1962, Berlin) has been documenting the city of Berlin since the early 80’s. With his classic 35mm film camera he captures unusual urban situations passed by the others without even noticing. As master of seeing he shoots the urbanised landscape and it’s changes, most of all the absurd moments. His passion for graffiti began in the 90’s with rollerbombings. He has been documenting the origin, life and the end of particular pieces over years. Currently are his motives mostly settings developed just by a chance, for example traces left behind by construction site workers. Jürgen Große enjoys what seems to be broken, damaged or ugly and shows the special esthetics of this through his images. His photography stops to be a documentary and becomes an autonomous art work. Text: Alena Drahokoupilová

2002 – 2003
Supervision of the project space urban art info (Berlin/ Mitte)

2002 – 2010
Documentation of various urban interventions and projects

2008 – 2010
Supervision of the project space urban art info with Michael Bonk (Berlin/ Mitte)